Virtualizing Clinical Trial Recruitment for Speed and Massive Scale

Historically, the development cycle for new drugs takes years. It’s a process that includes several phases of clinical trials with patient volunteers. Many trials struggle or even fail because of the challenges in recruiting participants. Today, massive speed and scale are vital as the pharmaceutical industry races to find a vaccine for COVID-19 that’s safe and effective for everyone on the planet.

In this episode of Digital Conversations, Greg Kefer and Justin Mardjuki discuss new innovations in healthcare scheduling automation that have proven highly effective at large healthcare systems. Conversational technology that engages patients on their mobile phones can virtualize screening, education, and scheduling, which might provide the kind of communication horsepower required to supercharge the clinical trial process at a time when it’s needed more than ever.



About the Digital Conversations Podcast Series

Conversational technology and patient engagement are two technology trends sweeping through the three trillion dollar healthcare industry. In these short, interactive discussions, industry experts talk about how and where innovation is impacting the customer experience at hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and the vast array of related services in the industry.

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