One Nurse’s Perspective on the Patient Experience, a Shrinking Workforce, and Technology

The nursing profession is one the most cherished professions there is. Those who take the plunge are true heroes that must work long, hard shifts to help patients of all types get through very difficult situations. When the COVID pandemic hit, nurses had to take things up to another level in order to deal with the massive waves of sick patients that flooded the healthcare system. 

Logan Scarbeary, who spent a decade in a nursing role at a major academic medical center, joined Greg Kefer to share his perspectives on the current state of the industry. While nursing was always a difficult environment to work in, there was an element of fun in rising to the challenge and pushing through. Unfortunately, COVID made it impossible to actually do the work. Technology is one of the problems. Too many hours are spent typing data into systems. It frustrates caregivers, it frustrates patients, and it’s expensive. Logan believes the future lies in smart digital assistants that can take on the redundant processes and communications, which will free the care teams to do what the do best: take care of people.


About the Digital Conversations Podcast Series

Conversational technology and patient engagement are two technology trends sweeping through the three trillion dollar healthcare industry. In these short, interactive discussions, industry experts talk about how and where innovation is impacting the customer experience at hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and the vast array of related services in the industry.

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