Next Generation Patient Experiences for Prescription Medications

The cost of prescription medicine continues to surge for patients. As insurance coverage evolves, the out of pocket burden now exceeds $80B each year. While government and business policy leaders continue to search for a solution, there are opportunities to use innovation to bridge gaps, provide better patient services, and lower costs at the same time.

Samir Khanna from Lifelink Systems joined Greg Kefer for a discussion about how the industry vision to be more consumer-centric can address the prescription experience for patients. In this episode, we talk about key challenges, and how digital assistants simplify drug information by breaking down dense clinical content into easy-to-digest conversational elements and then improving medication adherence through ongoing outreach that's tailored to each individual. As the healthcare industry navigates worker shortages and the evolving retail landscape, the opportunity to advance prescription support with advanced digital engagement has arrived.



About the Digital Conversations Podcast Series

Conversational technology and patient engagement are two technology trends sweeping through the three trillion dollar healthcare industry. In these short, interactive discussions, industry experts talk about how and where innovation is impacting the customer experience at hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and the vast array of related services in the industry.

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