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Lifelink Systems Appoints Anil Nair as Chief Technology Officer

Lifelink Systems

Silicon Valley veteran to lead innovation at Conversational AI company.


San Francisco, CA May 4, 2022

Lifelink Systems has named Anil Nair as its chief technology officer. Nair will oversee the company’s Conversational AI platform during a phase of rapid growth at large enterprise customers in the life sciences and provider sectors of healthcare.

“The Conversational AI technology category is maturing rapidly and the healthcare industry stands to be one of the big beneficiaries,” said Greg Johnsen, CEO at Lifelink Systems. “Anil brings a proven track record delivering cutting-edge technology to large industries that are saddled with complexity and outdated systems. The technology platform required to power an army of smart, digital assistants that help patients navigate the intricacies of healthcare is no small thing, and Anil is the ideal executive to lead the innovation charge for us.”

Anil has more than 25 years of experience in senior technology roles and comes to Lifelink Systems from ASCO, where he served as CTO of the CanerLinQ division, leading innovation and creating the world’s largest comprehensive real-world dataset in oncology. He was also Founder and CTO at GT Nexus, which pioneered cloud-based networks for global supply chain management. 

“Conversational AI is an important technology evolution that will make a difference in healthcare because the language-based interface makes it easy for any patient to access and use,” Nair said. “The Lifelink Systems platform is improving patient experiences and reducing costs by powering digital conversations with patients. Smart conversations deployed at scale will be a powerful tool to support clinical staff and improve patient health.”

Nair will serve on the company executive team and lead innovation, infrastructure, security, and compliance as the company expands across healthcare sectors and digital conversation volumes continue to ramp up.