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LifeLink Chatbots Live at Jefferson Health for Wide-scale COVID-19 Screening and Intake

Conversational chatbot solution configured and deployed in just days to help meet spike in patient volume across the Jefferson Health network


Oakland, CA — April 6, 2020  

LifeLink today announced it recently deployed a new conversational chatbot solution to serve as the “Coronavirus digital front door” for Jefferson Health patients seeking information or treatment for COVID-19. 

The technology allows Jefferson clinical teams to remotely screen and prioritize cases without risk of exposure, provides massive scale in frontline response capabilities, and optimizes care utilization across the Jefferson network. The bot also digitizes the clinical intake process to streamline appointment scheduling for COVID-19 testing. 

“With LifeLink, we can provide our community with another touchpoint for people to safely assess their risk from home,” shares Lisa Griffin, Senior Vice President of Seamless Access at Jefferson Health.

The conversational interface uses simple, interactive messaging to collect patient information — processes that were previously done via time consuming phone calls or in-person interactions.  The LifeLink-powered chatbot automates three key workflows:

  • Conducts a risk assessment based on patient symptoms and exposure profile

  • Connects screened patients with recommended care pathways and action steps

  • Automates the clinical intake process for patients who need to schedule appointments

“We must find ways to engage a high volume of patients that are coming to us for help,” said Neil Gomes, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at Jefferson Health. “LifeLink chatbots have already proven to be effective for us at increasing digital appointment requests.

LifeLink’s conversational platform is designed for rapid configuration and scale. The COVID-19 solution relies on several existing, proven workflow modules that were optimized to handle patient risk assessment and intake across a range of demographic and care scenarios.  

“Our priority is to make sure our community is empowered to make decisions about their health, and the chatbot is another way we have expanded our Telemedicine capabilities. In every way we can, and using any technology we can leverage, we are going to be here for our community with accurate information about COVID-19,” states Efrat Kean, Clinical Instructor of Emergency Medicine at Jefferson Health.

“We are thrilled to be able to deliver this kind of important, meaningful technology that will make a difference for the Jefferson staff and their patients during this unprecedented time,” added Greg Johnsen, CEO at LifeLink. “Although it took this particular crisis to uncover the need, conversational infrastructure is a must-have for all healthcare systems and the use cases go well beyond COVID-19 screening and intake.”

The bot is live on the Jefferson Health appointments website ( and available for any website visitor to use.  Jefferson recommends all patients use the chatbot before calling or visiting one of its facilities.




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