A Conversation with Andrew Freed, Master Inventor at IBM and Author of “Creating Virtual Assistants”

After spending the past several years designing and building conversational digital assistants at IBM, Andrew Freed decided to share his learnings and experiences with the broader community. In his new book, Creating Virtual Assistants, Andrew explains the concepts involved in building effective conversational AI that can automate common inquiries and easily address your customers' most common problems. 

In this episode of Digital Conversations, Andrew and Greg Kefer discuss the themes of the book and specifically how those concepts apply to healthcare. As the COVID-19 pandemic applies massive stress on global healthcare systems, can digital assistants help the industry rise to the challenge and provide the conversational scale necessary to engage the billions of people that need care? The discussion touches on how the principles of the book are front and center in the minds of the innovation community.

Creating Virtual Assistants is available at manning.com and Digital Conversations listeners can take advantage of a 35% discount by using the code poddigital21 during checkout.



About the Digital Conversations Podcast Series

Conversational technology and patient engagement are two technology trends sweeping through the three trillion dollar healthcare industry. In these short, interactive discussions, industry experts talk about how and where innovation is impacting the customer experience at hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and the vast array of related services in the industry.

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