The Next Level Call Center: Unconstrained, Limitless Patient Engagement

Call centers are at the center of patient engagement strategies for providers of all shapes and sizes. Investments are focused on driving efficiency into an operation that is constrained by human agent capacity. What happens when call center agent interactions are augmented by conversational technology that blends unlimited, always-on capacity with the ability to interact with patients in the modality they prefer — mobile messaging?

In this Digital Conversations episode, Greg Johnsen and Greg Kefer discuss the challenges of traditional call center approaches in health care and how emerging innovations in mobile communications can potentially flip the model upside down to something that has unlimited scale, 24x7x365.



About the Digital Conversations Podcast Series

Conversational technology and patient engagement are two technology trends sweeping through the three trillion dollar healthcare industry. In these short, interactive discussions, industry experts talk about how and where innovation is impacting the customer experience at hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and the vast array of related services in the industry.

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