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Roche UK Deploys LifeLink Chatbot as Next Generation Medical Information Desk Virtual Assistant


Conversational Messaging Bot Supports FAQs and Collects Adverse Event Data, Achieving 91% User Satisfaction Ratings

Oakland, CA — June 25, 2019

LifeLink today announced a successful deployment of advanced conversational chatbot technology at Roche UK, which provides information in response to questions from UK healthcare professionals on the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) and from UK patients on the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL).

Patients and providers utilize the Roche medical information desk to get answers to common questions about prescription medicines and report potential adverse events. Typically, these inquiries have been handled through call centers. The LifeLink chatbot augments human agents with an automated, virtual assistant that handles inquiries through an interactive text-based messaging interface that is mobile-friendly and always available, on demand.

“The healthcare industry has struggled to wean itself from expensive, inefficient workflows such as call centers and complex forms,” said Greg Johnsen, CEO of LifeLink. “The Roche team saw an opportunity to scale and enhance their customer experience with smart chatbot conversations. The medical information desk is an ideal environment for bots to deliver a modern, consumer grade experience to the prescription inquiry process.”

Medical information desks must deal with tight controls and regulations in terms of what kind of content can be provided. The rapid configuration capabilities of the LifeLink platform allow the Roche team to accelerate the approved content refresh cycle, which can make the bots more effective than tightly scripted human representatives. The bots also collect valuable information about adverse events related to the medicine as part of standardized feedback interactions that are embedded in the chatbot’s conversational design.

Chatbots are optimized to interact with people where they spend most of their time ⁠— messaging on mobile phones. The ability to remind, educate, and collect feedback in a simple, real-time conversational format is a powerful customer service enhancement for the entire healthcare industry.

The AMII chatbot can be configured to automate the medical information desk for any pharmaceutical product, at any stage of development. Projects have been initiated to extend the scope of AMII to support other global regions and products.



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