How Genentech is Innovating to Improve Diversity and Inclusion in Clinical Trials

The race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine shined a light on an issue that has challenged the pharmaceutical industry for years. Underrepresented minority communities are often disproportionately impacted by diseases, yet those groups are usually underrepresented in the clinical trials that are designed to assess the effectiveness of drugs that they need. As one of the world’s largest biotechnology companies, Genentech is tapping advanced mobile technology to help increase the diversity of trial participants and improve the experience.

In this episode of Digital Conversations, Nik Kolatkar, VP of Evidence Generation, US Medical Affairs at Genentech, joined Greg Kefer for a discussion about clinical trial innovation. Genentech runs a portfolio of 500 trials around the world and is using advanced technology to drive trust, education, and convenience for participants. Through smart, language-based interactions, digital navigators eliminate the need for participants to report to ivory tower academic centers and instead, provide the capabilities for anyone to be part of bringing advanced science to their communities, regardless of location, race, gender, income, or age.





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